Library OLGC

Library Paolo Ruatti was founded in 2004 and contributes to the educational mission of the students through the heritage and its services. The library's heritage is preserved with the utmost care and is constantly updated according to academic requirements, so that the library is always provided with books, periodicals and computer media that provide the necessary support both for teaching, learning and research.
The main mission is to support the teaching and research activities of teachers and students, while respecting the working principles established by IFLA / Unesco Guidelines: (Equality, Impartiality and Continuity, Accessibility, Right of Choice, Participation, Clarity and Transparency, Efficiency and Efficiency)
Today, the book heritage is about 15,000 volumes of books and magazines, inventoried according to the standards established by IFLA (International Association of Libraries). Classification and cataloging is carried out according to the international CDD (Decimal Dewey Classification) scheme, which organizes and manages the library fund on the basis of the topic.

Donations have made a significant contribution to its growth and enrichment. Donors are our collaborators at the University of Rome, Bari, Milan, the Italian Embassy in Tirana, various publishing houses in Italy and Albania and the same teachers at our University. The fund consists of a wide range of books and non-books, in various languages ​​such as: Albanian, Italian, English, French and German.
The reading room is served by the wireless network, which is accessed with its University credentials.
Access to the Library and bibliographic library consultation at home is free and free for all users. The fund of the library is rich and updated in the fields of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Architecture, Economics and Political Science. The presence of specialized personnel in the field of librarianship makes the services offered more automated from 8.30 to 19.00 even more efficient. The University Library, in providing services, is inspired by the principle of equality of users' rights. The services are characterized by clarity and understanding and an easy and accessible language is provided for all users.

The main library services:

  • Consultation on site
  • Local Loan
  • Document delivery (document delivery)
  • Customer support and guidance: retrieval of information from catalogs, databases, traditional and online repertoire, and dissemination of targeted and selected information according to the needs of their users
  • Use of computer workstations and wireless network
  • Purchase books
  • Any other useful service to meet the needs of your users


The library is located on the ground floor of the central building and provides access for consultation and reading in-house within a time zone of at least 12 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday:

Library service Monday - Friday 8.30-19.00
Study service Monday to Sunday from 8.00 to 21.00.

Its heritage is divided into two archives. The archives are organized according to the books' subject matter and in full respect of the specific terms of the book.
The less usable part is in archive no. 2

The Library is fully automated. We are completing the online library that will be accessible early from the outside. In addition to providing a fund for books, the library provides great support to its users with affordable fundraising journals as it is in paper and online format.
Research is done through computer workstations to be used exclusively for study and research purposes.
In support of deepening and professional growth, it provides its users with two on-line database databases, one of which is the "HINARI" library, which provides reading articles from major biomedical journals offering more than 15,000 sources of information

For more information contact:

Znj. Mimoza AGASTRA
Tel: +355 42 273 290
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Znj. Edlira HOXHA
Tel: +355 42 273 290
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.