Albania in the Eyes of the World

The report 'Albania in the Eyes of the World' is a yearly publication which collects and analyses different socio-economic metrics drawn from specialized reports and studies. In particular, the aim of ‘Albania in the Eyes of the World’ is to describe where Albania currently is and where it is heading in different social, economic and political fields. In brief, ‘Albania in the Eyes in the World’ is intended to be a kind of vademecum providing guidance on Albanian development path. The pros of such approach are evident. In only one document it is possible to find a set of information whose combination eventually turns to be extremely valuable for students, scholars, journalists, policy-makers, entrepreneurs and investors. 

In addition, ‘Albania in the Eyes of the World’ is worthwhile also because it presents a comparison of Albania with respect to the other Balkan states, namely Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYROM, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia – better known as Western Balkans’ Six (WB6) –. On the one hand, a regional comparison allows readers to evaluate more in depth the socioeconomic features of Albania and, on the other hand, it also presents briefly a sketch of a region which is nowadays crucial in the European geo-political balance.

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