Master of Science Msc/Master levell I and II

Master of Science Msc/Master levell I and II

Master of Science in Economics and Management

Economy and management
The Master of Science is a course of study after the Bachelor degree; it is expected to last two years and the acquisition of 120 credits (CFU). The aim of the Master of Second Level is to improve the knowledge and skills acquired during the three-year degree and to train managers and executives. The graduates will then enter the labor market with an advanced level of education. The active post-graduate training courses at OLGC are: Master of Second Level, specialization course, or even a PhD.

Educational goals
The Master of Economics and Management is designed to provide direct specialist studies to form students able to enter the labor market with managerial functions. The training program aims to promote the acquisition of solid basic knowledge to fulfill the roles and strategic functions or responsibilities of management and organization in the public and / or private and specialist skills that enable you to develop a systematic and integrated vision of management problems of an economic organization.

Professional goals
The course aims, through an interdisciplinary approach, to train professionals who have the skills and knowledge necessary to make decisions in uncertain environments and take into account the economic and strategic rationale.
Graduates in Economics and Management can work in companies operating in the production of goods and services, in the large-scale distribution, organized distribution and retailing, in the banking and insurance, in companies that provide public services subject to economic regulation (electricity, water, gas, transport etc.) and, in general, in services. Within the public sector, in particular, career opportunities are for all corporate divisions and public administrations peripherals.