NEWS per il 2023 per il Corso di Laurea in FARMACIA

For students enrolling in PHARMACY study program in the next academic year 2023-24

THREE POINTS OF STRENGTH, unique in ALBANIA, of the contract renewed in PHARMACY of the CUOLGC

  1. INTERNATIONAL-INTER-UNIVERSITY study program with the University of Bari (ITALY) authorized by the Ministry (ID SUA: 1588368 of 2/22/23) with RELEASE of JOINT ACADEMIC DEGREE, expendable on the Albanian territory and in EU countries.
  2. Achievement of the licence to practice the PROFESSION of Pharmacist or "expert of drugs and health products" only with the degree, without the need to take the STATE EXAMS in Italy (approval by the Academic Senate of UCNSBC on 30/05/2023).
  3. Possibility for undergraduates, enrolled in 2023-24, to carry out EXPERIMENTAL DEGREE THESIS on site at the two RESEARCH LABORATORIES at UCNSBC, (approval by the Academic Senate of OLGC Catholic University on 04/13/2023), for:
  • Acquiring experience for galenic preparations for topical use, and for the development of personalized smart medicines within the nanoalb Network (PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY)
  • Acquire experience for the chemical and toxicological control of medicines and health products (LABORATORY of CHEMISTRY and PHARMACEUTICAL and TOXICOLOGICAL ANALYSIS).


Tirana, 12 June 2023
The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy
Catholic University "Our Lady of Good Counsel"
Prof. Roberto PERRONE

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