The new photovoltaic system of the Our Lady of Good Counsel Foundation is an example of a concrete energy transition to respect the environment and the man who lives in it

Consider the motions and activities we perform on a daily basis to see how important energy is today. We frequently take energy for granted and only notice its absence (or when we have to pay bills). The energy crisis is inextricably linked to other diverse and pressing challenges of our time.

On the one hand, energy production is still dependent on fossil fuels (diesel, gas, coal...), and consumers continue to consume without regard for the environmental impact of their actions. The current surge in extreme meteorological occurrences and anomalous temperatures underline the importance of hastening the transition to renewable energy sources. Public institutions are adamantly opposed to this transformation, while private corporations are only marginally supportive.

The Our Lady of Good Counsel Foundation, which maintains the same-named Catholic-inspired hospital-university complex in Tirana, has promoted tangible steps to use renewable energies, like as solar energy, which allows for self-sufficiency. The perfect motivation for this option is represented by Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato si, which was released in 2015 and is internationally considered as the most organic position taken on matters concerning the guardianship of the "common home," the globe. Pope Francis urged bravery to act for the defense of the common home in his recent letter Laudate Deum.

The Foundation has entrusted the construction of the new photovoltaic system to the "Albesol" company, operating in Tirana since 2006. The installed energy production of 500Kw, in July 2023 produced an average of 2000 Kw; with a subsequent intervention it will be doubled to also cover the hospital.

The Pope states that “While the current global order appears unable to take responsibility, the local instance can make a difference". In reality, it is there that one can cultivate greater accountability, a strong sense of community, a special capacity for caring and more generous creativity, a profound love for one's land, as well as thinking about what one leaves for one's children and grandchildren (Laudato si' 170).

The Laudato Si' initiative platform, a shared forum where the Church formulates a definite and active response to the ecological issue, then emerged from the letter (laudatosiactionplatform.org). The Platform gives you the ability to take immediate action when it is "urgent and necessary". (LS 57). The Foundation has decided to participate. Therefore, energy savings will be put to better use by enhancing and expanding green spaces, planting trees, and gathering rainwater.

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