Master of Science in Pharmacy

Course Description

Konferencë me temë: “Sektori farmaceutik në Shqipëri, situata aktuale dhe perspektivat për të ardhmen.”

The program of study in Pharmacy (DIND), has a timespan of 5 academic years and in its conclusion, the student is expected to acquire 300 credits (ECTS).
This cycle of studies is developed in collaboration with the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”. Compulsory subject attendance is 67% (2/3 of lessons per subject). Lessons are conducted in Italian language from professors of the partner university as well as from professors of the Faculty of Pharmacy. On the fifth year of studies, students should partake in a 6 month professional practice, developed in Albania and Italy, in pharmacies of open network.

At the end of this study cycle, the student acquires a diploma issued by the Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel” and the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” which, together with the state exam, allows the graduate to practice the profession of pharmacist not only in Albania but also in Italy and every other country that is a member of the European Union.

The issued diploma also guaranties pursuing third-cycle studies, for example a PhD in Albania or abroad.
The staff of the three departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy: Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Chemo-Pharmaceutical and Biomolecular Technologies and Department of Analysis of Chemo-Toxicology and Medication Pharmacology, is comprised of Albanian and Italian professors. 



Course Duration


Course level

Master of Science (Second Cycle)


Faculty of Pharmacy

Study Area(s)

Medical sciences

Course Structure

The main goal of the professional development of the student in the Faculty of Pharmacy is to prepare a qualified personnel equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Legislation, which allows the graduate to adequately handle the complex sequence of structural projection, production, marketing and correct usage of a medication. The chemical, biological and biotechnological knowledge is intertwined with knowledge in Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacovigilance and national legislations that regulate the activity of different sections. 

The program of study in Pharmacy aims to provide studens with an advanced, scientific preparation in the medical field and to develop a professional individual that will be a future expert of medications and their usage, thus taking the role of a bridge between the patient, the doctor and all the other medical institutions. 
The Faculty of Pharmacy also gives its students the opportunity to study at least another foreign language of the EU, besides the Italian language. 

The program of study of the Third Cycle (PhD) in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Public Health, Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases and Pharmacovigilance’

The main objective of the Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel” is to prepare experts in Public Health. During the last two decades, in Albania, in the main cities, it has been observed a population density increase and most importantly an increase in the environmental pollution levels. 
This phenomenon has increased the sensibilisation and monitoring from the Albanian state institutions. In this context, the Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel”, through this project, tries to do its part in order to improve the Albanian Public Health service by providing an adequate, professional education. 

The students benefit full support not only during the academic period, but also after completing their studies, through the Job Placement office with employment opportunities in:

  • Pharmacies
  • Pharmacies of the hospital centres
  • Pharmaceutical distributors, pharmaceutical representative offices
  • Importer, exporter, manufacturer of medicaments

Fees & Scholarships

Annual tuition fee - 4.765,00 Euro

Candidates, citizens of Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who enroll for the first time in the academic year 2023-2024, will receive scholarship for the first year study program as below:

- 50% of the annual tuition fee for the Pharmacy Study Program, when they have a high school  average from 9.00 to 9.99, and

- 80% of the annual tuition fee when they have a high school  average of 10.00.

The above fee comprises the full annual fee and the student does not pay any additional fees in cases when he/she has to take and/or repeat an exam.

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Department of the Chemical-Toxicological and Pharmacologic Evaluation of Drugs
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Ida Tahiri
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