Master of science in architecture

Course Description

Orë leksioni në laboratorin e Akitekturës dhe Strukturës.

The Architecture Study Program comes as a 5-year integrated cycle (300 ECTS).

Teaching is conducted in Italian by the distinguished professors of the academic partner, University of Florence, the center of Italian culture.

The Study Program provides for teaching and professional practices at the most popular architectural studios in Albania and abroad.

At the end of the studies, a diploma is awarded "Master of Science in Architecture", valid in Albania, Italy and in the European Union member states, in accordance with Decree no. 2013/55 / ​​UE.

The graduate has the necessary qualifications to obtain the Senior Architect's title and is prepared to deliver on the design, urban planning, design, technology, restoration and retraining sectors of existing environments.



Course Duration


Course level

Single Cycle Degree (Second Cycle Integrated Study Program)


Faculty of Applied Sciences

Study Area(s)

Applied Sciences

Course Structure

The professional figure of the architect, the result of the co-ordination of theoretical, scientific and practical knowledge during the 5-year cycle, is a cross-cutting figure of the various disciplines of the field, as well as social, cultural, historical, economic, design, technological and restorative aspects.The professional gets the ability to analyze contemporary, city, territory, monumental, historical and environmental values.

At the end of the unique 5-year cycle, the Senior Architect plays an active role in society such as:

  • designer as an autonomous or associate professional;
  • part of the steering and coordinating staff in public and private institutions
  • part of ventures that relate to different fields of architecture;
  • Responsible or supervisor of different processes and phases of design, realization, restoration, industrial design, urban planning and territory.

Completing the Master's Program of Science enables the continuation of academic and research career through the Doctoral Program in all areas of Architecture.

Fees & Scholarships

Annual tuition fee - 3.700,00 Euro

Candidates, citizens of Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina that are enrolled for the first time in the academic year 2023-2024, will receive scholarship  for the first year study program as below:

  • 50% of  the annual fee for the Architecture  Study Program, when they have a high school average from 9.00 - 9.99, and
  • 80% of the annual fee when they have a high school average of 10.00.

The above fee comprises the full annual fee and the student does not pay extra fees when he/she has to take and/or repeat an exam.

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