Professional Master / Master of Science in Financial and Risk Management

Course Description

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The study program of the Professional Master / Master of first level in "Financial and Risk Management" aims to prepare professional figures for risk management departments in banks, insurance companies, market regulators and financial intermediary authorities, or in the accounting-finance departments. This program aims to train specialist in the field of risk management (Chief Risk Officer or CRO), a highly qualified professional figure to guarantee the success of financial institutions and financial enterprises.

Among the professional and basic competencies that the Master will give to the Graduates are:

  1. in-depth knowledge of the management of banking institutions and insurance companies,
  2. sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of financial instruments which are part of the assets of commercial banks in Albania and abroad.
  3. knowledge on regulatory aspects of financial institutions,
  4. knowledge of financial risks and techniques on their management,
  5. knowledge on technological evolution, introduction of new financial assets through the most advanced information technologies (IT) and the impact that this activity has on financial institutions (FinTech).


Tirana, Albania

Course Duration


Course level

Professional Master - (Second Cycle)


Faculty of Economic, Political and Social Sciences

Study Area(s)

Financial and Risk Management

Course Structure

The Professional Master "Financial and Risk Management" is 1 academic year with 60 ECTS credits. The study program provides lectures, seminars, project work, stage, etc. The learning process will take place in the afternoon, to enable the participation of employees.

The whole teaching process will be conducted in English, the composition and organization of the study plan aim to give students:

(i) basic skills and knowledge of managing financial institutions; (ii) basic skills and knowledge of financial risks arising from banking and insurance activities; (iii) knowledge of the valuation of financial instruments that are traded on stock exchanges and are part of the assets of financial companies; (iv) skills in modern financial risk management techniques; (v) knowledge of the regulatory framework for the supervision of banks, companies, and financial markets; (vi) knowledge of techno-finance and provision of financial services through the most advanced information and communication technologies.

The engaged academic staff consists mainly of Professors from the University of Bologna, in addition to these will be engaged experts in risk management studies from financial institutions and international corporations. At the end of the studies, a joint Diploma of the two Universities (CUOLGC and UNIBO) will be issued.

Job opportunities

The graduates of this Master can be employed in banks and other financial institutions, market regulatory authorities and financial intermediaries, financial audit companies, as well as in the accounting-finance departments.

Through this Master, the graduates have the opportunity to specialize and thus significantly expand their employment space. While employees through this qualification can develop their career in a new professional plan.

Fees & Scholarships


Annual fee - 2,500 euros

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Klejda Caushi
Department of Economic and Entrepreneurship Sciences Study program Coordinator
Phone: + 35542273290
Fax: +35542243291
Address: Rr. Dritan Hoxha, Tirana
Phone: + 35542273290
Fax: +35542243291
Address: Rr. Dritan Hoxha, Tirana
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