Long term specialization courses in the medicine

Course Description

Specializimet afatgjata në fushën e Mjekësisë janë pjesë e ciklit të tretë të studimeve që ofrojnë njohuri për profesione të veçanta shëndetësore.

The long-term Specialization Courses in Medicine are structured in a unique cycle and have a duration that varies according to the specific specialty. Long-term specialization includes the theoretical characterization of 20% of the total credits (ECTS), and the practical-clinical character of 80% of the total credits (ECTS) in the relevant field of specialization and is carried out at the Catholic University "Our Lady of the Good Counsel" as well as in the public and private hospital premises, with which specific agreements have been signed for this purpose, based on the agreement signed with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

The following Study Programs are developed in cooperation with our partner institution, the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", with the same duration and study plan and the process is finalized with the award of the "Specialization Degree" based on the Albanian law issued by the Catholic University "Our Lady of the Good Counsel". The didactic activity is carried out in Italian and / or Albanian according to the curriculum of the specific course.


Long-Term Specializations in Medicine, V.A. 2023-2024

The Catholic University "Lady of Good Counsel" in didactic cooperation with the University of Studies of Rome "Tor Vergata" opens for the academic year 2023-2024, Long-term Specialization Programs in the field of Medicine.

Selective tests will take place at 15:00 on 27.02.2024.




Course Duration


Course level

Long-term specializations - (Third Cycle)


Faculty of Medicine

Study Area(s)

Medical sciences

Course Structure

Medical graduates acquire the basic scientific skills and the theoretical-practical education necessary to practice a doctor's profession. They also acquire the methodology and culture necessary for their long-term formation and professional decision-making and active autonomy. Their preparation in the ethical plan also enables them to be responsive to the important topics regarding the life of the individual and society today and also to face future challenges in scientific research as the field of medicine is in constant updating. A graduate doctor in medicine, after receiving the right to practice the profession subject to the Examination of State is able to work in the capacity of a general and family practitioner, at public or private health centers, hospitals and specialized medical centers. The doctor's profession consists in the diagnosis and therapy of all human pathological conditions, assisting in their prevention both individually and collectively. 

The Double Diploma in Medicine allows graduates not only to practice the profession as a Physician, but also constitutes a basic criterion for pursuing Cycle III study programs such as the Specialization programs in the medical field as well as training courses in Albania and in Italy. Their professional orientation towards scientific and doctoral research is essential to graduates in Medicine,  and can be carried out simultaneously or separately from direct service to the patient, including their interest in furthering their professional knowledge through the pursuit of the Executive Master program.

  • Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care - 5 Years
  • General Surgery - 5 years
  • Gastroenterology - 4 years
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics - 5 years
  • Diseases of the Cardiovascular System - 4 years
  • Nephrology - 5 years
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology - 5 years
  • Food Sciences - 4 years 

Fees & Scholarships

Annual Tuition Fee Long Term Specialization Courses in the Medicine

Annual tuition fee3.000,00 euro 

The above fee comprises the full annual fee and the student does not pay extra fees when he/she has to take and /or repeat an exam.

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