Teaching Secretariat

General information and provided services

Teaching Secretariat of the Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel” is executive structure which operates on a base of electronic system of information in order to fulfill its duty according to organizing education process in the Faculty. It is one of the most important units for the functioning of the University and for the consolidation of the best relations of services and documentations between students’ community and academic staff.
Here you can find the typology of our activities and services provided by the teaching secretariat according management and work:

1. Procedures of the registration of students, procedures of exams and graduation.
2. Obligations of teaching secretary for students and professors;
3. Management of corresponding emails of the teaching secretariat and telephone;

The main tasks of teaching secretariat according to the documentations provided for the registered students are as follow:

  • the Certification of registration 
  • the list of grades during academic years;
  • Plan of studies;
  • Programme of studies;
  • Certification of de-registration;
  • Certification of practice
  • Preparation of the student’s booklet;
  • Preparation of the student’s card;
  • Delivery of learning materials for the students (programs, dispense, materials in electronic form)

In the ending of the cycle of studies graduated students will be provided with: 

  • Original Diploma;
  • Certificate of Diploma accompanied with the list of grades;
  • Supplement of Diploma;
  • Personal documents of students.

During the preparation phase of the over mentioned documents, students have the right to request a certificate of diploma waiting for the final document.
Via the portal of students https://portal.unizkm.al/#/, the necessary information can be consulted according to the registration, University Career and administrative requirements, which must be completed online as follows; 

  • Renovation of registration for the following years;
  • Booking of exams;
  • Request for deregistration from studies;
  • Request for suspension from studies;
  • Request for reactivation of studies after a period of interruption or suspension;
  • Request for graduation (in the ending of online procedure the documentation must be sent to the teaching secretariat).

2. Organization 

The secretariat of teaching consists on the secretaries of every branch of faculties including the chairman responsible for the secretariat of teaching. 
The chairman responsible for the secretariat of teaching


Diljana Dushku

Address: Central Building - Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel”
E-mail: [email protected]
Working hours: 8:00-16:30
Schedule of meetings: 10:00-12:00
Tel + 35542273290
Fax +35542243291

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