How to Create a CV

Before you create a CV you should consider:

1. Focus on the Essential Things:

  • You need to be synthetic, the CV should not be more than 2 pages, because the employers when they evaluate a CV , they pay attention less than a minute!

  • If you lack the professional experience then describe your University formation better and give importance to professional practices.

2. The CV must be clear and concise

  • Use short phrases.

  • Customize the CV by eliminating information that is not relevant to the job position you would like to apply.

  • There is no need to mention work experience that does not have the same profile as the type position you would like to apply.

  • Do not lie in the CV.

3. Last Control

  • Be careful with spelling mistakes and make sure that the CV has a logical structure.

  • You must always put a picture.

  • Remember to always attach a presentation letter.

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