Summer School “Roots of War and Establishment of a Lasting Peace”

We are pleased to announce that this year will take place the 6th edition of the Virtual Summer School!!

The European Center of Peace Science, Integration and Cooperation (CESPIC) of the Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel” organizes the 6th edition of the Summer School “Roots of War and Establishment of a Lasting Peace”. The Summer School will be virtual and aims to provide a group of international graduate students with scientific pillars about roots of war, peace and issues in peace building. In line with Peace Science tradition, the program is interdisciplinary involving disciplines such as economics, political science, international relations and history.

Please note that the Summer School benefits from an international faculty (England, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Sweden etc.)

The Summer School is designed for graduate students with a strong interest in the scientific study of Peace that are either willing to proceed to advanced graduate studies or to become future practitioners in the field of international relations and peace building. In order to favor also a fruitful and open dialogue with the faculty a small group of students will be selected.

Classes will be held between September 7th and September 17th on Google Meet. 

For further information:  https://unizkm.al/posts/slug/summer-school/ and  https://www.unizkm.al/posts/slug/edizioni/en.  

Fee: 150 Euro

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