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The research doctorate represents the third level of studies, the highest degree of university education in Albanian and international academic system, which allows the development of the skills necessary to carry out highly qualified research activities. The main objective of the Research Site is to acquire a thorough preparation in the field of statistical methodology for applications in particular contexts and research issues. In particular, the fields of interest are addressed to corporate, social, economic, informatics, biological, environmental etc. The training program for the Research in Statistics is structured in a preliminary phase, aimed at standardizing the level of doctoral preparation by means of advanced course on Methodology and Applied Statistics, such as: Probability Calculation , Statistical Inference and Linear Models; Statistical Methods for finance, Insurance; Statistical Methods for Public Administration; Sampling techniques and Demoscopic surveys; Strategic and Operational Marketing; Statistical Methods for Marketing. This participation in courses is dependent on personalized programming and discussed with the Council of Professors.



Course Duration


Course level

PhD - (Third Cycle)


Faculty of Economic, Political and Social Sciences

Study Area(s)

Economics and statistics

Course Structure

During the first year there are also some intensive courses of mainly methodological content, aimed at deepening the basic preparation and covering the following topics: Computational Statistics; Data mining; Web, data organization and cloud computing; Historical and Territorial Series; Economic Development Models, etc. These courses end with a final test for the assessment of the knowledge.

The second year is dedicated to the elaboration of specific thematic issues of application and methodology. In-depth seminars are organized in which active participation of PhD students is expected. In addition, the institutions listed below will be included where doctoral candidates can conduct research and develop doctoral thesis. In the middle of the second year the PhD student defines a research program to be conducted under the guidance of a tutor (scientific leader) in preparation for the written dissertation. The thesis can cover many theoretical topics, including the construction of statistical models, problems of interest of the partner institution of the doctorate.
The third year is completely dedicated to scientific publications in international journals with the Editorial Board and to the writing of the thesis for the final discussion of the Doctorate.

Fees & Scholarships

Annual Tuition Fee PhD in Statistics

Annual tuition fee – 3.000,00 Euro

The above fee comprises the full annual fee and the student does not pay extra fees when he/she has to take and /or repeat an exam.

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